Sunday, 29 December 2019

Send In The Clowns

Send In The Clowns...

That, we did!  We have 3 different sets.  Each clown is sold individually.  Each has his own personality.  

First set of clowns are made of porcelain.  Each is sitting on a bench (benches are included with each clown in the set)  The clowns are each playing a different musical instrument.  There's a drummer, two accordionists, violinist, one playing the cello, and one playing the saxophone, and one playing the trumpet.  There are 8 clowns in this collection.  Each clown is sold separately.  OFFERS FOR ALL 8 PIECES are welcomed.

Next set of clowns are made of paper mache and are made in Mexico.  There are 3 clowns in this set.  Each sold separately.  One clown is happy.  The other two clowns are sad.  The details and colors of each clown are really well done.  OFFERS FOR ALL 3 PIECES are welcomed.

Last set of clowns are made of porcelain.  One clown is holding his hat, as to ask for change, another clown is playing the drums and the last clown is holding a bottle and looking drunk.  OFFERS FOR ALL 3 PIECES are welcomed.

You can find all our clowns in our Poshmark Canada store.  If you don't have a Poshmark Account, it's free and use my Invite Code:  CARLO_GON for a free gift for registering through me.   Click here to get registered.

Now, here are the pictures of our clown collection.  Enjoy

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