Tuesday, 31 December 2019




We are getting close to ringing in the New Year, also a new decade!

As we look back at our accomplishments and all we have done, those who entered our lives, and those we lost... A new year can also mean new changes to so many people.

My suggestion is to do things slowly, so you don't disappoint yourself.  Reward yourself when you reach a part of your goal.  It can even be something small.  Every little thing counts.  If you don't achieve what you want, don't put yourself down.  Look at why it was not a success and work to make it successful.  Anything you do can work.  You have to put what you can into something.  When people say no, prove them wrong.  Or tweak it a little.  Work hard and don't give up.  Don't put negative thoughts and feelings into your goals, when they are not being accomplished, or taking longer than you thought.  Keep going forward and don't look back... Unless it's to find out what you need to improve on, then do it.

Second Chance Clothing and More continues to grow and we give back and we will never stop.  It's rewarding and it feels great.  People also are happy knowing what they give us is being reused, money we make from their items are going back to the community, and some of these items may have otherwise ended up in the landfill... Now they are given a second chance.

We have a list of charitable organizations we are giving money to through the entire year, 2020.  Every donated item will be sold in our VarageSale Store.  Items can be picked up, dropped off at selected communities, or we can ship items such as clothing and accessories anywhere in Canada and the United States, with tracking at a fixed price, flat rate shipping fee of $20.  Larger items will have to be picked up.

Second Chance Clothing and More is on most of the popular Social Media platforms, including YouTube.

We look forward to 2020 and beyond as we grow, give back, communicate with everyone through our Social Media Platforms and so you know where we are and what we are up to and what sales and special events are coming your way.

In the past, we were part of many community events and also some car shows.  We want to grow bigger and host concerts and music parties and video dance parties and other exciting things to bring people together.

We find that people don't even know who their neighbors are!  So, with block parties, community barbeques and cleanup weeks, we can get people together and get to know one another and get involved all at the same time.

Corporate sponsors are going to be needed as we get bigger and better.  We want to host concerts to build churches and other worship spaces, and raise money for food and toy donation drives.

The more clothing and accessories people give to us, the more we can do for the communities.  The more corporate sponsors we get, the more concerts and block parties we can host.  Everyone wins.  The vision can become a reality when we all work together.

Second Chance Clothing and More  What's Old... Is New Again.  The Future Is Ours

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