Tuesday, 31 December 2019




We are getting close to ringing in the New Year, also a new decade!

As we look back at our accomplishments and all we have done, those who entered our lives, and those we lost... A new year can also mean new changes to so many people.

My suggestion is to do things slowly, so you don't disappoint yourself.  Reward yourself when you reach a part of your goal.  It can even be something small.  Every little thing counts.  If you don't achieve what you want, don't put yourself down.  Look at why it was not a success and work to make it successful.  Anything you do can work.  You have to put what you can into something.  When people say no, prove them wrong.  Or tweak it a little.  Work hard and don't give up.  Don't put negative thoughts and feelings into your goals, when they are not being accomplished, or taking longer than you thought.  Keep going forward and don't look back... Unless it's to find out what you need to improve on, then do it.

Second Chance Clothing and More continues to grow and we give back and we will never stop.  It's rewarding and it feels great.  People also are happy knowing what they give us is being reused, money we make from their items are going back to the community, and some of these items may have otherwise ended up in the landfill... Now they are given a second chance.

We have a list of charitable organizations we are giving money to through the entire year, 2020.  Every donated item will be sold in our VarageSale Store.  Items can be picked up, dropped off at selected communities, or we can ship items such as clothing and accessories anywhere in Canada and the United States, with tracking at a fixed price, flat rate shipping fee of $20.  Larger items will have to be picked up.

Second Chance Clothing and More is on most of the popular Social Media platforms, including YouTube.

We look forward to 2020 and beyond as we grow, give back, communicate with everyone through our Social Media Platforms and so you know where we are and what we are up to and what sales and special events are coming your way.

In the past, we were part of many community events and also some car shows.  We want to grow bigger and host concerts and music parties and video dance parties and other exciting things to bring people together.

We find that people don't even know who their neighbors are!  So, with block parties, community barbeques and cleanup weeks, we can get people together and get to know one another and get involved all at the same time.

Corporate sponsors are going to be needed as we get bigger and better.  We want to host concerts to build churches and other worship spaces, and raise money for food and toy donation drives.

The more clothing and accessories people give to us, the more we can do for the communities.  The more corporate sponsors we get, the more concerts and block parties we can host.  Everyone wins.  The vision can become a reality when we all work together.

Second Chance Clothing and More  What's Old... Is New Again.  The Future Is Ours

Sunday, 29 December 2019

Send In The Clowns

Send In The Clowns...

That, we did!  We have 3 different sets.  Each clown is sold individually.  Each has his own personality.  

First set of clowns are made of porcelain.  Each is sitting on a bench (benches are included with each clown in the set)  The clowns are each playing a different musical instrument.  There's a drummer, two accordionists, violinist, one playing the cello, and one playing the saxophone, and one playing the trumpet.  There are 8 clowns in this collection.  Each clown is sold separately.  OFFERS FOR ALL 8 PIECES are welcomed.

Next set of clowns are made of paper mache and are made in Mexico.  There are 3 clowns in this set.  Each sold separately.  One clown is happy.  The other two clowns are sad.  The details and colors of each clown are really well done.  OFFERS FOR ALL 3 PIECES are welcomed.

Last set of clowns are made of porcelain.  One clown is holding his hat, as to ask for change, another clown is playing the drums and the last clown is holding a bottle and looking drunk.  OFFERS FOR ALL 3 PIECES are welcomed.

You can find all our clowns in our Poshmark Canada store.  If you don't have a Poshmark Account, it's free and use my Invite Code:  CARLO_GON for a free gift for registering through me.   Click here to get registered.

Now, here are the pictures of our clown collection.  Enjoy

We're Not Clowning Around Anymore

Send In The Clowns

SECOND CHANCE Clothing and More is going to grow so much in 2020, we are going to let many of you know, before anyone else about some amazing things coming your way.  YES!  You will get the inside scoop of everything and know what is happening, or what is coming your way.  It's a pretty awesome reward for following us, as we get social on Social Media and reach out to as many people as we can.

The clowns are coming.  There are a lot of them.  Yes!  I am talking clown figurines, collectibles!  Whoever is a clown collector, will love these.  If you don't like clowns, maybe these will make you think differently about these colorful creations.

Next update will feature all the clowns in our collection which will be sold in our Poshmark Canada Store.

If you don't have a Poshmark.com or Poshmark.ca account.  You may create one here.  Use my Invite Code:  CARLO_GON for your reward for joining through me.

Thanks everyone.

Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone

I am excited to announce we have reached over 100,000 followers on our Poshmark Canada site.  Yes!  I am a Poshmark Ambassador.  I have incredible positive feedback from our customers who bought items from us.  They are mostly happy about the quality of the merchandise and the speedy delivery.

If you don't have Poshmark.  Sign up for it.  Then, use my unique Invite Code:  CARLO_GON and you will get a free reward, just for signing up through me.  Poshmark is rated one of the best Buy and Sell websites.  Perfect to sell clothing and accessories and household items and artwork.

Selling is easy and there is absolutely no fees for posting your items.  So, go through everything you have and post them on this site.  When someone buys something from you, of course, you will be notified.  Then, you print the packing slip that's attached to your email.  Don't worry if you can't find it, you can also get it from your PC or mobile device.  Then, package your sold item(s) and attach the shipping label and bring it to your post office and get it shipped out.  Once the buyer receives your item(s) they confirm they received it and is up to their expectations... Then, you have a balance in your Poshmark account.  Transfer it to your bank account.  The money is yours.  Do whatever you want with it.

A small fee is taken from each sale.  The money you see is after the fee is taken away.  It shows on every post you make too.  So, price your items accordingly.  

I will post YouTube videos soon on how I go about posting items and show users the simple steps.  In the meantime join Poshmark, explore the site, and all it has to offer.  

I have experiences as both a seller and a buyer!  I tried other sites as well... eBay, Letgo, Kijiji and this is by far, the best and most profitable for me.



Aritzia TNA 

zip up sweatshirt hoodie.  Brown with gold print.  Limited edition.


Yellow zip up sweatshirt hoodie


Navy blue sweatshirt hoodie 


Brown sweatshirt hoodie with skull print
Limited Edition